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About Vaping

"E-cig" - The Electronic Cigarette:

Electronic Cirarettes are not sold as a "SMOKING CEASSATION" product, yet GROWING NUMBERS TESTIFY to the success of the product TO DO JUST THAT, help them to DECREASE or QUIT tobacco use completly! No more smelly harmful smoke. No nicotine patches or nasty tasting gum.


How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

E-cigarettes are very easy to use. The cartomizer screws onto the battery and you’re ready to go! If you choose an “Automatic” battery, you can simply inhale on the e-cigarette to produce vapor, while the “Manual” battery has a button that you push and hold to produce vapor. The LED light on the tip of the battery will flash when it’s time to recharge and the delicious flavor will fade when it’s time to replace your cartomizer. We recommend taking slightly longer puffs than you would with a cigarette and stop using it when your craving is satisfied. 

Are Electronic Cigarettes Dangerous?

E-cigarettes are safe to use. The liquid and vapor contain no carcinogens, particulates, or dangerous chemicals, and all ingredients in the liquid have been approved for food use and have been used for decades. Nicotine is still addictive but e-cigarettes are regarded by many professionals as a safer alternative to smoking. Long-term research is still needed, but short-term research has shown that e-cigarettes are not harmful. Additionally, e-cigarettes have no embers or ashes so there’s no way you can start a fire, unlike cigarettes. There is also no danger of secondhand smoke as the vapor dissipates quickly and only the faint smell of the flavor can briefly be detected.

Can I Save Money By Switching?

The Cost of Electronic Cigarettes


One of the most common questions we get is whether or not electronic cigarettes really are cheaper than smoking tobacco cigarettes.  Well, let's break it down and take a look at the numbers.

Around here, a pack of cigarettes will run you right about $6.  At that cost a pack a day smoker will spend $2,190 a year for tobacco cigarettes.

Now let's look at the cost of electronic cigarettes.  If we use our standard Ego E-Cig kit for our example at $39.95 (one time purchase), a replacement coil every two weeks at $2.95, and a typical usage of 2 ml of e-liquid a day (could be more/less depending on how much you vape) at $6.95 per 10 ml bottle, we have a grand total of $624 a year.

That works out to a SAVINGS of $1,566 a year!

The answer is yes, without a doubt - electronic cigarettes are cheaper than analog cigarettes.

How Do People Use E-Cigarettes to Quit Smoking?

In a recent study, about 80% of smokers were able to completely replace cigarettes with electronic cigarettes in under 6 months . The majority of our customers have successfully quit smoking using electronic cigarettes instead of tobacco cigarettes. The most successful method we’ve found is to start using an e-cigarette whenever you crave a tobacco cigarette. After 1-2 weeks, you should notice your senses of taste and smell coming back, and you should be able to completely stop smoking cigarettes.


We offer 5 nicotine strengths to make sure you can quit smoking comfortably. Each level can correspond with a particular style of cigarette:

  • Extra High (24mg) - unfiltered cigarettes
  • High (18mg) - Regular, full-flavored cigarettes
  • Medium (12mg) - Regular, full flavored cigarettes
  • Low (6mg) - Light or ultralight cigarettes
  • Zero (0mg) - Ultralight cigarettes to non-smoker; best for completely quitting nicotine (will be most successful after going down in strength)


What are the Benefits to Switching?

There are tons of health benefits of switching to e-cigarettes. Just 24 hours after quitting cigarettes, there will be dramatically less carbon monoxide in your bloodstream, allowing more oxygen to flow to your heart, brain and body. Within a few days, your sense of taste and smell will improve -- you’ll be able to taste and smell things you didn’t realize you couldn’t! After a month, your blood pressure will be back to normal and your immune system will start to improve. In 12 weeks your lungs will regain the ability to clean themselves. In 12 months your elevated risk of dying of heart disease is decreased by half compared to a smoker. Aside from these benefits, you will abandon your former life of yellow teeth, bad breath, ashes, tar and carcinogens!

Your life will instantly change for the better when you switch to e-cigarettes. Here’s some examples:

  • You’ll be saving tons of money that you can finally put towards a worthy cause. For a pack a day at $6.00 and the e-cig equivalent of $1.71 per day, what could you do with an extra $130.50 each month?
  • You won’t have to take smoke breaks anymore. Imagine all the important moments and conversations you’ve missed because you were on a smoke break. Your employers will also be impressed by your increased productivity and healthiness.
  • You’ll be able to taste and smell things better than you can ever remember!
  • You will feel healthier and happier in general. The mind and the body are very interconnected. An improvement in one will boost the other as well!
  • You’ll be able to embrace your friends and loved ones without feeling guilty for smelling like an ashtray.
  • You won’t be putting others at risk for damage caused by secondhand smoke.
  • Smoke e-cigarettes in bars, restaurants, cars, concert venues -- almost anywhere, as long as you ask first!

Try exhaling partially through your nose. Your sense of smell has a lot to do with your sense of taste and it definitely makes e-Liquid taste much better! Don't use the same flavor of e-Liquid constantly. Switch around every few days because your sense of smell will desensitize fairly quick and cause your favorites to not taste as good as they first did.

If you are still smoking tobacco cigarettes your taste will not be fully awake to the flavors of the e-Cigarette e-Liquid. Give it some time because they will gradually taste much better to you.

Don't hesitate to try non-tobacco flavors! It might just be the ticket to change your taste preference and make you not want to go back to those nasty cigarettes!




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